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The 15 best musical theatre songs of all time


Musical theatre is a type of art form that involves all kinds of music, drama and dialogues on the stage, in a single act. The thrill of the curtains opening to the lead actors, with your favourite musical theatre song, playing at the background gives a different sense of joy. Here are 15 of the best musical theatre songs of all times

Blood Brothers’ Tell me it’s not true

This is a heartbreaking song about two twin brothers who are separated at their birth, due to poverty. If they find out about their identity, they die. The song is based on a mother’s grievance about the separation of her two boys.

On The Street Where You Live

The song is about a young lady who allured into a man’s social experiment. It has a little stalkerish feeling to it. The man is asked to leave her alone, but he stalks her and sits at her doorstep until he sees her. Apart from the stalking part of the song, it is still a classic and favourite of many.


Annie Get Your Gun’s There is no business like Show Business.

The entire song sums up about how the people in the theatre feel about their acting and job. It depicts how the people are paid for what they do but do not receive any appreciation or applaud.

Cell Block Tango, Chicago

A creative choreography with n attractive screenplay and moves has hooked the people to this musical for generations now. It talks about a massive amount of information in a concise period.

 Opera’s Music of The Night

It is considered one of the best songs in the musical. A mysterious man in a mask is a pinnacle of songwriting, and the melody strikes everyone with nostalgia.

One Day More, Les Miserables

It is a masterpiece of the musical theatre world. It also sounds like a mix of all the melodious songs together like Master of the House. I Dreamed a Dream.

 I Am Telling You I’m Not Going

The song is based on the rejections faced by a girl from a lover and a singing group. The voice and the acting is mesmerizing.

Electricity, Billy Elliot

The song is about a young boy’s feeling about everything he likes to do in this world.

Alexander Hamilton, Hamilton

Hamilton the Broadway Musical has produced many classics and it is challenging to choose one among the many. However, the opening songs are the ones that steal the show.

Don’t Rain On My Parade, Funny Girl.

It is a song based on the empowerment of the ones who think they cannot achieve anything. It is a musical dedicated to the society that screams “don’t tell her what to do“.

Maria, West Side Story

The song is about a young boy’s teenage infatuation. Although it is not as flashy as the others, the lyrics hit home.

Seasons of Love, Rent

It is a song about a group of people working hard every day to make ends meet.

Sit down You’re rocking the boat.

This song is a show stopper that primarily focuses on sarcasm, where the sinners are begging to have their souls saved.

The Sound of Music

It is considered as the most successful albums of all times. It is an emotional song, which paints a picture of the mountains in Australia.

Defying Gravity, Wicked

It is about two women who reconcile after a fight and wish the best for each other.

Box Office Opening Times

The Tyne Theatre Box Office will be open from 11:30am – 3:30pm on Monday 25th August 2014.

During this time, you can pick up and buy tickets for shows, and if you pay in cash, you will avoid all fees.

Smile for a Night rescheduled to March 2015

We regret to inform you that the promoter of Smile for Life’s event, Smile for a Night has taken the decision to reschedule the event from Saturday 13th September 2014, to Sunday 15th March 2015.

Your existing seats will be transferred to the new date, and existing tickets will remain valid.

As of January 5th 2015, SMG will no longer be operating the Tyne Theatre, therefore any queries related to the new dates should be directed to either Smile for Life charity on 0191 284 4166, or the Tyne Theatre Trust on 0191 241 3986.

If you are unable to make the new date, please return tickets to your point of purchase for a refund before Friday 31st October 2014

We apologise for inconvenience this may have caused.

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